An Organized Life is a HAPPY LIFE!®

Do you know if your office is organized, clean and welcoming to your clients? 

At Organizational Cleaning LLC, we help our clients enhance their customer experience by noticing what has been overlooked.  We see what their clients see and feel as they walk into your office.

In today’s environment, the ‘simple’ task of keeping your waiting room, office, store, or entire facility a welcoming, clean, organized and safe environment for your customers is overlooked more that we can note.  Even some of the worlds largest companies are not keeping up with what their founders considered neat and tidy.  Yet, it is still so very important and if you implement some simple changes, you can enhance your customers experience.  We have seen it happen over and over again from factories to offices.

When you take care of your professional spaces, your employees will feel better.    When your employees feel better, that translates to better customer service.  And of course, better customer service translates to a better bottom line for your company.

Every company is different and that is why we tailor our packages to fit your needs.   We start by offering a 15 minute complimentary telephone conversation, that could include photographs of your targeted area(s).  Sometimes, this is all you need, a professional review of your area(s) to get you back on track via the do-it-yourself method.  If we determine you may need a more in depth approach, we will schedule an in-person review of your space(s) and provide a written summary of areas the areas already at their peak level as well as areas of opportunities.  We can also add in baseline survey’s of your employees and do before and after comparisons.  

Our goal is to get your professional space back to being clean, organized and most importantly, welcoming to your clients and employees.  We want to see your bottom line increase!  

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You are in your space day in and day out.  You become accustomed to the way it looks.  Wouldn’t you like a fresh perspective from your client and employees point of view?  Sometimes it is the simple things that can make all the difference!  Please feel free to click the buttom below to fill out our contact form to schedule your 15 minute complimentary call or call us at 330.907.7331.